in the spirit of community initiative, created on a weekend by a reddit addict to feed his organizational ocd.
this site has nothing to do with reddit.com/conde naste.

every subreddit with >= 500 subscribers which = 414 links.
subreddits with < 1,000 subscribers are in gray.

there are apparently 25k+ subreddits. only 5,000 were spidered.
75%+ of these have less than 100 subscribers.
exact numbers: {1: 1753, 10: 2053, 100: 961, 1,000: 200, 10,000: 49, 100,000: 9}
grab the raw data and a site mirror: here

why is ... in ...?
no idea! report it.

current under 500 exceptions: africa, ocaml, brooklyn and anything in "foreign".

evil censorship
3 adult subreddits were removed to be corporate firewall friendly.
also, the spiderer couldn't get 18+ links so those are missing.
otherwise, every subreddit with > 500 subscribers as of aug. 27, 2009 should be in the list.
note: spidering from #1,500 to #5,000 yielded only 32 more subreddits with > 1,000 subscribers.
since there are ~25k subreddits, and i gave up after 5,000, this is not an exhaustive list.

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